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     - Height(including head) : 39.5cm

     - Weight : 460g (+package1800g),

                     Head only 80g (+package 300g)

     - Skin color : Normal

     - Wig size : 6.25inch

     - Eyes size : 8.3mm

     - The other options on the photo are 'Eyes No.5(purple)' &  'Wig No.1' & 'Outfit Set No.10&11'.

     - Eyes, wig, outfit and shoes are not included basically. If you want to order, please put these items in the cart separately and check out at once.

    • Include

      • Assembled head+body (or head only, none face-up)
      • Basic box
      • Certificate Card
      • Extra tension string

      * Eyes, wig, outfit and shoes are not included.  Put these items in the cart separately and check out at once.

    • Shipping

      • Worldwide shipping with EMS service
      • International shipping fee : LINK
      • Regarding shipping period, please refer the notice.
    • Return/Exchange

      • You can not cancel an order due to simple change of mind after completing the payment.
      • Please inform us immediately of product damage caused by during shipment with the photos.
    • Face up Option

      In this second sale, you can order the head separately, but face-up option is not available. If you want to add the face-up, please order him in the next sales.

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