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Dec 08, 2019
In Review My Doll
Recieved little Honey Version 2. Say Hi to Christian McHim~ *waves* Recieved him in perfect condition. Ordered him without faceup because I want to try doing it myself. I'm waiting for Chocolate version 2's arrival. Excited!! xD * * * Super Late Update (07/08/2020) So my Chocolate Version 2 head arrived in January 2020. His name is Jack D'Vante. Say Hi~!! He was in perfect condition and, my oh my, even without faceup, he looks gorgeously handsome... Chocolate V2 (left), Honey V2 (right) I thought I was going to do their face up myself but my MSC spray became empty and I didn't have time to buy new ones. Anyways, I put them onto different bodies and dressed them up. I decided to send their heads out to an amazing artist to do their face up. They came home safely and now they look so, ah, gorgeously handsome~ 😍 #ChristianMcHim (Honey v2) #JackDVante (Chocolate v2) * * * Another Super Late Update (20/06/2022) I've received my Marshmallow & Cookie v1 quite long ago, maybe in early 2021? So some of the photos I have here are a little old but I would like to share them anyways. xD #JeanGoldridge (Marshmallow) #JustinGoldridge (Cookie v1) The Goldridge All 4 of my Vocal Line Boys Instagram: @jackdvante #JackDVante #ChristianMcHim #JeanGoldridge #JustinGoldridge
Update: Honey v2, Chocolate v2, Marshmallow & Cookie v1 content media


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