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Dec 13, 2019
In Review My Doll
First of all, Bora and Bomi are the loveliest makers! They replied to any questions I had quickly and were so kind and friendly. I had asked before bodies were sold separately if they would be, and they confirm they would - allowing me to buy Lemon’s head and then body later (which worked out best for me, timing wise). They were also happy to ship both orders as one to save on packaging and have Lemon arrive as a whole doll! Shipping was super fast (from Korea to New Zealand), I got the shipping notification on a Thursday, and he arrived next Monday. He was so well packed and the packing was beautiful and clever! Loved how everything came in it’s own little space. As a first time buyer, the video tutorials on BJDGRAVITY’s instagram were invaluable to installing wig/eyes! And when he arrived, he absolutely did not disappoint! Lemon’s sculpt is stunning, there are so many little details, his faceup is done so beautifully, and I am so glad I got his eyes through BJDGRAVITY because they are my favourite part and absolutely make his expression perfect. He is so lovely and I am so delighted with him as a piece of art! Perhaps he’ll have to have a friend later. Thank you so much to Bomi and Bora for creating such amazing work!! 💛💛
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